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Gemini 2013

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Gemini 2013 Empty Gemini 2013

Post by Admin on 2012-12-31, 00:33

Gemini 2013 Horoscope

Gemini 2013 Gemini
Being a Mercury sign you are by nature an intellect. You can deal with situations
that are tough and difficult to handle. You're good in social skills. The restlessness
of your nature and the childishness is quite evident, though you are hard working
and don't shy away from hard work. It is this quality of yours that makes you successful.
At the same time you are a great advisor and planner. You're hardworking, independent
and cheerful by nature. You don't spend uselessly and your saving makes your future

Family Horoscope 2013

As per Astrology 2013, this is a positive year for family issues. However, because
of the behavior of some family members you might be hurt. Predictions of 2013 Astrology
analyses that there will be some tough situations too almost continuously, so it's
best for you develop the attitude to give it back. There will be people who might
behave in a negative way and some close friends might not fulfill what they commit,
which in turn might spoil your ratio with them. Horoscope 2013 has seen that children's
health might be cause of worry. However, the position of Ketu indicates that if
you try and improve your relationship with your near dear ones then these relationships
might continue to be cordial.

Health Horoscope 2013

As per Astrology 2013, in the beginning of the year, Rahu is posited in 6th house
and 6th Lord is in 8th house. These conditions show negative implications. 2013
Horoscope has seen that this year you might have health issues. There will be stress
due to some financial problem or some enemy. Chances are that you might develop
health complications during travel. So try and avoid unnecessary travel, you have
a tendency to take risks. Try to avoid it suggests the astrology 2013 horoscope.
Getting caught in a legal issue might increase your stress. Try taking special care
about what you eat or there might be complications related to liver.

Love Horoscope 2013

As per the predictions made by Astrology 2013, presence of Jupiter in 12th house
is not good for love matters. You will have to safeguard your relationship from
issues that are small and can create misunderstanding. There are some indications
from horoscope 2013 astrology that your loved one might have some health problems
too. Horoscope 2013 predicts that your dear ones might lie to you, and when you
get to know the truth it might hurt you deeply. Your friends might go back on their
words. However the presence of Ketu might prove favourable, so on and off you get
the love of your friends and loved on.

Career Horoscope 2013

Astrology 2013 has analyzed that the ruling planet of your career house is with
Ketu in the 12th house, so during this phase your creative qualities will be hidden
and your mental abilities laughed upon. As a result you will find great difficulty
to fulfill that which you undertake. Astrology predictions about 2013 are telling
that those who see you as competition might create hurdle, you might have to work
for others. Before taking up a professional tour evaluate all aspects of the same
weighing the losses and benefits. If you're into a job chances are you get a promotion.
Horoscope 2013 has analyzed that on social front you will get name and fame. However
proportionally this year gives you less in terms of results vis-a-vis the effort
you put in.

Money Horoscope 2013

2013 Horoscope has analyzed that it is not a good year for financial issues .You
will indulge in work that will not bring great results. You might also be spending
on useless work. Unexpected expenditure is likely from the eyes of forecast made
by horoscope 2013 astrology. So, financial hurdles keep you stressed all year through.
Try and curb your habit of taking risks in case you're into gambling try and avoid
getting into it as there will be great loss. Certain business transactions might
bring positive results.

Education Horoscope 2013

This is not a good year for education. You will not get results as expected predicts
astrology 2013 horoscope. Though you have great intellectual ability that will remain
hidden and you will feel a loss of mental capacity. Before getting enrolled in any
educational institution and course you need to be very careful. Or else you might
feel cheated. Your classmates might betray their words. Health issues might be a
cause of worry and might affect your studies.

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