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Scorpio 2013

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Scorpio 2013 Empty Scorpio 2013

Post by Admin on 2012-12-31, 00:55

Scorpio 2013 Horoscope

Scorpio 2013 Scorpio
You are attractive and resourceful. Apart from being noble at heart you are also
a bit satirical and hot headed. You can also be cruel and you try to build a habit
of trusting people. You are generally unsteady and so you remain energetic in love.
You are good in arts related to entertainment and dance. You can be a great speaker
and a writer. Since you have an independent nature you don't appreciate interference
and hardly believe in traditions coming down from generations.

Family Horoscope 2013

From the analysis made by Astrology 2013, this year will bring mixed results as
far as family matters are concerned. In the first half of the year the family atmosphere
will remain peaceful. The aspirations and expectations of family members get fulfilled.
Family members will care for and respect you states astrology 2013 horoscope. However,
because of the unfavorable transit of Saturn and Rahu in the latter half of the
year someone home might have health issue; so you will be worried. During this phase
people might behave adversely and behave in co operative. In Spite of all this there
will be a favourable happening home.

Health Horoscope 2013

In the beginning of the year your health remains fine. However, just in case your
health gets upset, you will recover in a speedy way. However, due to the transit
of Saturn and Rahu, you will feel a loss of physical energy; useless work might
take a toll on health so stay away from it. 2013 Astrology foretells that the health
of few family members might be upset causing worry.

Love Horoscope 2013

Astrology 2013 horoscope says this is a good year for matters of heart in the first
half. Those nearing the age of marriage might get married or engaged. For already
married this is a great year. You will enjoy great time with your loved one and
also undertake travel with him/her. Your wishes come true. However stay careful
in the second half of the year in matters of heart as you might have to go through
fear or defame.

Career Horoscope 2013

2013 Astrology predicts that due to Jupiter's transit this is a good year for career.
However, Ketu too brings good results. The first half is positive for jobs, business
etc. You will travel a lot for professional reasons. In job things show a positive
change. Business will expand. You will earn respect in every aspect. The second
half of the year could bring change in dwelling place or job. Those jealous might
try and defame your reputation therefore you are advised by astrology 2013 horoscope
to stay alert.

Money Horoscope 2013

This will be a year with mixed financial results. 2013 Horoscope predicts that you
will not have to worry about money much. Money stuck up can be gained back with
little effort. Any travel that is money related brings good results. However you
might have to spend due to health and debt of close ones. Travel might also lead
to expenditure. You will get support from your in-laws; in spite of this your expenditure
will be more than earning.

Education Horoscope 2013

Good time for students is predicted by the horoscope of 2013 astrology. If your
subject is Literature or Astrology related you get good results. This is a good
time to go for studies abroad. You might indulge in a new subject of interest. As
per 2013 Astrology, you will get full support of family members. If you're sitting
for a competitive exam, the first half is more favourable. Don't be careless in
the second half, or else your learning gets affected.

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